The BioPTO is a not for profit organization that lobby's for industry standards in the crime, truama and death scene cleaning industry as well as the RTW (regulated Trauma Waste) connected to those services.  The BioPTO is also a promoter for education, ethics and continued education in theses industries.

Victim Service 


"Your First Call in Restoring Peace of Mind"

#250 Victim Services was created to provide those needing a emergency specialized services following a traumatic event to be able to locate a service provider that would not re-victimize them or the family during the cleanup process. 

When law enforcement advises you not to go into the home due to the graphic nature of what has taken place, you are left with complete strangers entering a private residence.  Your valuables, jewelry, firearms, medications and identification can be at risk of theft.  #250 Victim Services is the only network that screens and vets its service providers.  This is done to provide you with the peace of mind that reputable people are in your family home and your valuables and family belongings are safe.

Sadly enough there are companies out there that have taken advantage of a tragedy to profit from a grieving loss.  #250 Victim Services is here to help avert that from happening to you.