BIO  Professional Trade Organization


Guidelines and Standards Recognized 

The BIO PTO recognizes, endorses and is a certifying body of the Forensic Restoration Guidelines.   

Forensic Restoration Operators Guidelines  

BioPTO Mission Statement is The Forensic Restorer’s Prayer

“God grant me a keen eye, a steady hand, and a servant’s heart

that I may be a blessing to those in need.  

Glory to God.”

Georgia House Bill

HB 149 / Forensic Restoration Operator 

 BIO PTO is a bridged  relationship between the        Forensic Restoration  Operators Trade  
 and the Bio Medical  Hazardous Waste Trade  

Who We Are

BIO PTO is a bridged relationship of two trade industries.  It is made up of those who render victim services in the crime, trauma and death scene cleaning industry and those who specialize in the Bio Hazardous Waste pick up, transport and processing industry. 

BIO PTO was created out of a necessity so that funding could be generated to help promote and pass legislation for standards that were well overdue.  Both industries saw a needed for qualifications, regulations and licensing, so that a higher bar could be set for the public’s safety.  Together they decided that creating a united front through BIO PTO and addressing these grave concerns to law makers as a collected and cohesive unit would bring about a positive change in both industries.